Samsung Launches Galaxy S II Pink in South Korea

samsung-gs2-pink Samsung takes advantage in launching the flagship device Samsung Galaxy S II in Pink Color. Earlier, the device was made available in two different colors Black and White. Now, Samsung offers the same device in sizzling Pink color to delight the Women consumers. Samsung believes that the new color will bring in more sales, adding to the four million Galaxy SII units sold. Samsung claims that the Korean market alone shared the sales figure of 850,000 White units. For that matter, Nokia also launched the flagship Nokia N8 smartphone in Pink color series. Consumers were not able to get spin for the fantasies and the device didn’t leave any remarkable sales. Later with the unrealized market figures, the company announced the device in two more colors including Purple/Violet color. Now, flashing back to the Samsung Galaxy S II. The new Pink colored Samsung Galaxy S II will be retailed in South Korea initially. To our surprise, it may later reach the other markets in the World. samsung-sgs2-pink-1
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