Samsung Infuse tests itself against range of animals. Very cool


AT&T released a series of videos today showcasing Samsung Infuse 4G’s display capabilities. Samsung Infuse 4G is the world’s thinnest 4G Smartphone. Samsung Infuse 4G has impressive hardware specifications including a large 4.5 inch touchscreen display featuring Super AMOLED Plus display technology. Super AMOLED PLUS provides a full spectrum of vivid and rich colours at an incredible contrast levels and brightness. The display technology provides an impressive luminance that allows you to read the display even in bright day light. So, how do you test the display capabilities? AT&T and Samsung decided to run a test against animals. Animals like Kitten, Fish, Owl, Mouse and Frog are pitted against Samsung Infuse 4G and series of objects are displayed on the screen. Believing the images to be real object, animals start interacting with it. The bottomline – The colours are so real, it’s almost unreal

Samsung Infuse 4G Screen Test 1 – Kitten Video


Samsung Infuse 4G Screen Test 2 – Frog Video


Samsung Infuse 4G Screen Test 3 – Fish Video


Samsung Infuse 4G Screen Test 4 – Mouse Video


Samsung Infuse 4G Screen Test 5 – Owl Video

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