Samsung Galaxy Tab S first impressions: tablets that are lightweight yet loaded

“The thin and light Galaxy Tab S slates from Samsung look premium and offer a great deal of functionality”

Samsung Galaxy Tab S01

Apart from performance and overall capabilities, the style quotient is also an extremely vital factor when potential buyers are out in the market for a new device. This is exactly the idea behind the new range of ultra-premium tablets, the Galaxy Tab S range from Samsung. These tablets not just offer gorgeous looks and amazingly low weights, but in addition, come fully loaded as far as hardware specifications are concerned. Built on similar lines as the Galaxy S5 (review | FAQs), the flagship Android smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab S delivers an impressive look and feel. We got a chance to experience the Tab S duo at an event that took place in Delhi today, and here is what we have to say after getting a first-hand feel of the new devices.

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The Galaxy Tab S has been made available in two sizes, one with an 8.4-inch screen and the other sporting a 10.5-inch display. Apart from the bigger display size on the 10.5-inch tablet, there is no considerable difference between the two models. Both the slates come with voice calling features, and offer identical hardware specifications. Our first impressions therefore, are valid for both the variants. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S07 Samsung Galaxy Tab S17

The look and feel of the Tab S is identical to that of the Samsung Galaxy S5, only bigger. The tablets measure a mere 6.6mm in terms of overall thickness, which is bested only by the Sony Xperia Table Z2 that boasts a thickness of 6.4mm.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S19

The front of the tablets feature a flush finish, with only a single hardware button at the bottom of the display. Along with this hardware key, there are two capacitive buttons flanking it. Underneath the home key lies the biometric fingerprint reader, for which the company has added support for up to eight different user profiles.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S13

The back of the devices feature the same dimpled pattern as the Galaxy S5, and is a boon for a bigger device as it will help in avoiding scratches. The matte finish also promotes better grip as compared to glossy finish.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S09

The display is the highlighting aspect of the Tab S and it features a whopping 2,560 x 1,600 pixel resolution. The higher pixel density makes the images and visual content look really sharp, while the Super AMOLED display panel offers higher contrast ratio and vivid colours… making the overall visual experience a delight for the eyes.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S12

Both tablets come with a standard set of hardware ports including a port each for the SIM, microSD card and USB. In addition, the company has also added IR blasters to the devices  to enable universal remote functionality.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 Samsung Galaxy Tab S15

The Tab S is a loaded tablet when it comes to hardware and can easily put any of the flagship Android smartphones to shame with its specifications. The Tab S is powered with Samsung’s own Exynos 5 Octa processor featuring two quad-core processor clusters running at 1.9Ghz and 1.3Ghz respectively. This has been coupled with a massive 3GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage. Though the internal storage might be on the lower side, the Tab S comes with support for 128GB of additional storage, through the use of microSD cards.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S20

Samsung has incorporated an 8-megapixel camera unit at the back of the Tab S. The snappers on the Tab S also feature fast autofocus and LED flash modules as well for illumination during low-light conditions. The images captured by the devices are good, but a final verdict on the same will be given in a more detailed review later on.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S08Samsung Galaxy Tab S16

So far, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S range looks impressive and feels like a solid and appealing offering from the company. Whether it’s really worth the price and the hype that the brand has tried to create, we will get to know in the more detailed review that we will be bringing in the coming days, so stay tuned.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S30

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