Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 pre-order opens at Bestbuy US

Bestbuy has started accepting pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in US. Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a much-hyped (and it deserves it) and much-awaited tablet from Samsung. It’s 10.1 inch, android honeycomb powered tablet with impressive hardware specifications. This is the world’s thinnest 10.1 inch tablet out there in the market. It’s just 0.34 inch thin and very lightweight too! The devices are expected to be reach the hands of customers between 17th and 24th of June 2011.


So, we are waiting to hear how samsung is going to price the device. We have the official pricing now. Bestbuy is taking pre-orders only for 16GB and 32GB variants for Wi-Fi only tablets in two colour choices (metallic gray and white).

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – 32GB WiFi– $599.99 (Rs. 27,000) – Available in metallic gray and white colours

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – 16GB WiFi – $499.99 (Rs. 22,500) – Available in metallic gray and white colours

Samsung is pricing the tablet exactly the same way as Apple is pricing the iPad 2. To be precise, Galaxy Tab is costlier than iPad 2 by 0.99$ :). Samsung is taking a very clever route by just matching the price for iPad 2 and offering better product (let’s not talk about the app ecosystem here, as android app market is catching up very fast). There’s no information about the availability or pricing of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in India. But atleast we know that the pricing will be very competitive. Let’s hope Samsung does not charge premium for Indian audience 😉

Apple iPad 2 – 16GB WiFi – $499

Apple iPad 2 – 32GB WiFi – $599

The link to preorder –


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