Samsung Galaxy Stellar pops up in Verizon Docs accidentally

samsung-galaxy-stellar-verizon-leakSamsung boast of conquering the high range mobile phones market and it is all set to rock the mid range phones as well. You all must have got the latest announcement of Samsung about releasing its new Samsung Galaxy Stellar. The most catching part about it is that it is available at a rebate of $50. This news got accidentally popped up in Verizon docs which created a great buzz all around the tech world. Well, not much has been revealed about its technical stuff but our sources do have got a bit of hint about what this new Smartphone will be carrying. Samsung Galaxy Stellar will be powered by the Snapdragon S4 codenamed Jasper which is more commonly known as the successor to Droid Charge. Alternatively, it may also come up with SCH-i415, which was recently unveiled at FCC this weekend. It is a comprehensive package that will include CDMA, LTE and GSM. Samsung is not going to leave any stone unturned in the CDMA category. Samsung Galaxy Stellar may come at anytime between now and 19th of August this year. It is definitely going to be filled up with mysterious stuffs and features. People are also excited about it. Samsung already has a marvelous line up of products in its Galaxy category and this new name will definitely shine like the stud. Source:
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