The Samsung Galaxy S5 cheatsheet

“Is there something you don’t know about Samsung’s flagship behemoth, the Galaxy S5 yet?”

We have no qualms in admitting we are enamoured of high-end smartphones. There’s something about loaded specs and innovative features that try and push the envelope that can’t be expressed in words. And Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is as loaded as it gets – it’s got a great shooter, powerful specs and tons of interesting features like a fingerprint scanner, an integrated heart rate monitor and an Ultra Power Saving mode, not to mention it’s also impervious to dust and water.

Samsung Galaxy S5 (46)

We’ve covered the gizmo quite extensively of course, starting from the initial leaks to a full, in-depth review, and everything in between. Here’s a quick, at-a-glance summary of everything you should know about the Galaxy S5, including a look at some of its variants, both official and expected.

Price in India confirmed: Rs 51,500 it is
Schemes & offers making it easier to own
Copper Gold for you, Sir?
new colour variant out
Samsung Galaxy S5 unboxing
Measure your heart rate using the Samsung Galaxy S5
It knows who you are: fingerprint scanner in action
Goes on, and on: the ultra power saving mode
Samsung Galaxy S5 waterproof test
Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Review: a taste of its 16MP Camera
Samsung Galaxy S5 FAQs: looking for answers
Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: the complete lowdown
Battle of the flagships: S5 vs M8 vs Z2
Samsung Galaxy K Zoom revealed
Galaxy Project KQ: premium version of the Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5 mini leaked: small wonder incoming?
Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo leaked: another version
Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime leaked: with QHD display

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