Samsung Galaxy S4 One of the amazing phones in Galaxy Series

There have been raves about the introduction of Samsung Galaxy S III last year. There is now an atmosphere of excitement among tech fans on the launch of the Galaxy SIV. There have been rumours about the introduction of the Galaxy SIV two months ahead of the launch of the GS3. There are images of the phone, and the real debate is whether another exemplary product of Samsung continues to scrape through sky-rocketing profits. samsung-galaxy-s-iv The Galaxy S III was a transformation from its ancestors with its mind blowing pebble-build hyperglazed body. The Galaxy IV, according to sources will retain the incredible design language from its predecessor the Galaxy Note II. The phone will be rolled out with new refinements through refined structure of metallic trim. The GS4 is modified on the exterior, the real profit making theory would be the interior. Sources claim that the phone will be inserted with an Exynos 5410 processor that many feel is a variant of the Exynos 5 Octa which is an eight-core processor. The company also announced that the phone will be incorporated with 3D graphics which is similar to the insertions in the Galaxy SII. There are rumours that the GS4 will be equipped with 2GB of RAM initially that the 1GB insertion in earlier models of GS3. The phone will be decked with a superior resolution of 13-megapixel rear camera. These upgrades will gather cut-throat competition with 2012 year phones such as LG’s Optimus G. The GS3 has amazing versatility where the phone could function with an active screen as long as it is used. The GS4 might be designed with hands-free intervention which is the core technology in the software industry. New York Times assertion and purported screen captures reveal that the new phone could be fitted with Smart Scroll which is an optional feature to scroll through pages till you focus to the end of the screen, there is also a Smart Pause, which pauses videos when you lose focus from display. The same features have been upgraded in Android 4.3 without modifications to the TouchWiz interface which is superior to the Android 4.1 upgrade. Sources claim that the phone will full-fill the desires of the professional and gaming demographic. When Samsung was rolling out the GS3 in tens of millions, it was clear that the existing UI has decent quality. The launch of the GS3 was with the view that US was becoming the hub for smartphone market revenue. After years of introducing phones for Asian and European market, the smartphone segment gained popularity in US recently. The timing has been great with the public yearning for smartphones to cater to the fast paced life. The launch of GS4 in New York is a reflection of the popularity of the GS3 in America which has changed the view point of Samsung to splash phones into the US market. The company also revealed that it was fixed on US venue to introduce phones due to high demands from US officials. The introduction of Galaxy S4 and S4 by Samsung to cater to Asian, European and U.S market is a good move since these phones have all round amazing features to cater to consumer needs in the fast paced world where decisions have to be made quickly.  The Galaxy series are sculpted with amazingly large screen resolutions with different features of apps relaying information on the latest news and many social networking sites. Moreover these phones have powerful camera and video features which would suit those interested in photography as a career. Even for graphical purposes to design scientific and economical graphs, these series are beneficial.

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