Samsung galaxy S4 – Dual Video Call Feature

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest flagship from the house of the Korean smart phone maker. Company’s latest flagship is set to catch attention of the smart phone buyers in the market with its unique features like Life Tasks and Dual Cameras. Samsung Galaxy S4 is designed to let the user get full potential of the rear & front cameras of the phone. Company has also given a lot of thought on the stock camera application of the phone by giving it similar features like Samsung Galaxy Camera. For your information Samsung Galaxy Camera is one of the best smart cameras in the market with amazing photography experience.

Dual Cameras Galaxy S4

Dual Video Call Feature – The dual video call option is one of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Dual Video Call mode allows you to chat with your friends by using both of the cameras of the phone. Mainly the front camera is used to make video calls but you can also send the live footage from the rear camera of the phone too. It is a great way to use the higher mega pixels and high definition quality of your phone’s rear camera in the video calls. Dual Video Call feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is somehow good and limited in certain ways at the same time.
  • Good, How!– Dual Video Call mode of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is really good for the users of Samsung ChatOn Messenger. You can send both of the camera feeds of the phone while chatting with your friends and family on the Samsung ChatOn messenger. Make a video call with your friends in ChatOn and push the switch camera button to send both of the camera feeds. For your information, company has also updated its messaging service with video chat and screen share features. So, if you are a regular user of the ChatOn messenger then dual video call might really impress you.

Dual Video Call Galaxy S4

  • Limited, How!- The same good feature of the phone is also pretty limited too. The dual video call support is only usable when you are chatting with your friends using Samsung ChatOn messenger. So, if you and your friends are not really fond of the ChatOn messenger then the dual video call feature might not impress you at all.
So, this is all about the much hyped Dual Video Call feature in the Samsung Galaxy S4. However, the dual camera mode is having its special usage like taking a photo or video of your friends and also adding yourself into the media using the secondary camera. Overall, the phone comes with a lot of handy camera features that might increase your interest in buying the Samsung Galaxy S4, it is available for Rs. 40,000 in Indian market.
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