Samsung Galaxy S4 – Display – A Review

The newly launched Samsung Galaxy S4 will be delivering the ultimate 5-inch screen viewing experience with some really great features. Earlier rumors suggested Samsung Galaxy S IV to sport a flexible display to make it foldable, rollable and much more, but later we found the device coming out with the regular Super AMOLED screen.

Samsung Galaxy S4 display review

Display Size & Feature Samsung Galaxy S IV sports a 5.0- inch Super AMOLED Touchscreen display with a brilliant resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels at a superb rate of 480 pixels per inch. The S4’s display is equipped for 1080 pixels Full HD viewing, which is nothing less than what can be expected of a device in its range. Other 5-inch tablet that will be tough competes to this device such as the Sony XPeria Z, Nokia Lumia 920 and even it arch rival, the iPhone 5 feature an HD display. Adapt Technology The S4 has been integrated with a new Adapt display technology that will change the screen and sound settings to suit the function you are performing on your device,be it watching a video or browsing the net. The device has a CIE Chromaticity Diagram and grayscale for the adaptive screen settings. The display technology will also improve the color scheme on the device to offer the most natural shades of colors. Samsung offers 7 automatic and 4 natural modes for optimal viewing experience. Corning Gorilla 3 The display screen is a Corning Gorilla 3 which has been built with the native damage resistance technology making it more dust and scratch resistant and also stronger than any of its predecessors. The important feature of this display material is that it will resist scratches that can lead the glass to shatter. Verdict Coupled with Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface, the overall viewing experience on the Galaxy S4’s display offers enhanced viewing experience will make playing HD video games, or watching movies or surfing on the device a surreal experience.
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