Samsung Galaxy S4 – Cool New Features – A Summary

Samsung this time has made sure to add some extraordinary features to its latest masterpiece – the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Let us delve into the device, bit by bit and enumerate its goodness.

Samsung Galaxy S4 New Features

The UI Powered by the Android 4.2.2 Jellybean operating system, the device offers best of Android and Samsung’s homespun TouchWiz User interface. There are many new toggle and gesture options that have been added to make browsing a smooth sailing affair. The Processor The Galaxy S4 garnered the kind of attention it did because of the new 1.6GHz Exynos 5 octa core processor with 2GB of RAM. The American audience will however get the 1.9GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 600 Processor due to some issue with 4G LTE connectivity. However, both processors deliver equally great performance. The Exynos 5 eight-core processor makes it the most power-driven Smartphone across the globe using ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture. The Eye Scroll Technology and Smart Gestures The hottest feature of the device is the Eye Scrolling technology that will enable its user to scroll the pages up and down with eye gestures, without touching the display of the Smartphone. It will follow the user’s eye movement to scroll. It uses its 2MP Front camera in order to capture the hand gestures in the Smart Gesture feature. You can answer phone calls, control the music player and even browse through open tabs on the web browser using this feature. Dual Camera photos and recording The Dual Camera mode on the S4 allows you to capture photos and videos using both the cameras simultaneously. The feature can be used on the ChatOn app for three way video calling and screen sharing. Hover for Air View The Galaxy S2 had the feature that if you hovered the S-Pen over a tab it would show you an overview of its content. The S4 has the same feature, however, minus the S-Pen and with your fingers. The Air View gives you a blow up of the thumbnail such as a preview of upcoming scenes on the video; preview the first few sentences in an email, thumbnail preview of the pages open in the browser and much more. S Translator This feature translates emails, SMSes and ChatOn instant messages in 9 different languages. So if you want to ask directions in a foreign language, you can just use the S Translator feature. The app also responds to voice inputs. The Photo reader also has a Translator integrated in it that will read signs in different languages and translate them for you. Eraser Shot This is a very useful feature that allows you to delete any unwanted object from the picture you have taken with a simple tap. So, you can remove all those unknown persons from your holiday picture. Watch On Video This feature will allow you to use your S4 as a TV remote control. It also allows you to search content on Samsung’s Media Hub video store and buy and download it onto your device. Verdict There are many more cool new features on this device. However, how many of them are of any practical use will become apparent only when the user reviews start filtering in. For the moment, however, Samsung has outdone itself to offer Smartphone lovers the some ultra modern features that will change the way a Smartphone is used in more ways than we can imagine.
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