Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Race to Take Over Apple I Phone

s3It was rumored previously that Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is scheduled to launch on Oct. 11 this year but its UA proof has been unleashed on the internet last week. It seems that S3 Mini starts displaying on the retailer counter. An Italian dealer announces that it would sell Galaxy S3, the Smartphone at a price little over $500. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is a great gadget which is designed lucrative with soft feelings. The sizes of the Smartphone vary in the market. One prefers big size screen phone better as “Bigger is better”. Others find suitability in the size of 4.1 inch to 4.09 inch screen size and many others believes in the smaller screen which is less than 4 inch. According to the sources, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini features a smaller display of 4” with a 5 MP front camera. A dual core CPU will run on the latest version of Android software which might be Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Samsung may allow option to consumers to choose between NFC and Non NFC models. NFC means near field communications which allows quicker transactions between two devices. The price of the Galaxy S3 Mini seems to be less than the Apple new I Phone while the functionality of the S3 will be at par with the Apple IPhone. So the smaller Samsung Smartphone S3 will be in a great position to compete with the Apple IPhone. This new device may be the perfect match for the Iphone users who are considering for switch over.
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