Samsung Galaxy Note users in India to get Sennheiser headphones and much more for free

All those in India who have purchased  a Samsung Galaxy Note by Samsung from April 15 onwards or have plans to buy one then you just got lucky. samsung-galaxy-note-generic1-645x429 The Korean giant has decided to indulge its Indian customers for a bit. You might think how. Well your answer lies in the fact that the company has offered to give free Sennheiser headphones which cost Rs 3,490, Rs. 2,999 worth free gaming downloads, a flip cover and  music download of  1,50,000 songs for free. This offer is only for those people who have bought a Samsung Galaxy Note by Samsung from April 15 or those that want to buy one till May 31st. For this reason Samsung has shipped five million Samsung Galaxy Notes to India. To make use of this exciting offer, existing users  can visit the Samsung’s website and  fill the IMEI number of  your handset including some other details. All this can be done by clicking on  “Redeem Offer” link flashing on the official website’s main page. Those buying a new Galaxy Note should confirm whether the freebies would be available to them on the spot or not. However it would be best to visit a Samsung retailer. With this offer Samsung is trying to cash on the growing Indian economy. Also Samsung is trying to battle competition from other tech giants popular in India. The offers being time bound the company hopes to rake in millions in a jiffy. With these offers at hand it sure does make Galaxy Note a tempting buy.

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