Samsung Galaxy Note II New Colours Spotted

Were you bored of the same old Black and white colours available for the Samsung Galaxy Note II, rejoice! The company seems to have heeded its customers pleas for fresh new colours.


The Note II was spotted in Japan in two new colours, ruby wine and AMber Red. In layman language – Brown and Red. RIght now, the Note II is available in markets worldwide in Marble white and Titanium Gray colours. So, henceforth, you can buy a Note II in four different colours. Seems like the black colour model has been phased out in this range.

The new colours will not just adorn the back of the Note II but will be painting the front edges too and will come with a colour-matched S-Pen stylus. The new models have a brushed metal appearance, covered in a layer of protective gloss and featuring a slightly speckled light-catching finish.

Just now, however, the new colours are exclusive to Samsung’s native Korean market, with no news yet from the company on when it plans to roll out the two new colours internationally.

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