Does it make sense to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in 2016? Check our retro review

“At least the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t catch on fire”

The Samsung Galaxy Note series ushered a new era of large screen smartphones meant for media consumption and productivity back in 2011. Since then, it has come a long way until. However, the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note7 has been mired in a brand image damaging controversy ever since a few phones started catching on fire due to faulty batteries. This made us wonder if we should probably take a look at an older generation Note phone just to find out if it makes sense for anyone to buy it right now. We zeroed in on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (review) – which is available for around Rs 30,000 – to figure out if it still makes sense to buy one. Watch our retro review to find out. 

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