Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is designed for consumer satisfaction on a new level by being highly versatile. Samsung Galaxy is tailored to function for the fastest 4G LTE and HSPA+ 4G networks. The Samsung Galaxy Note II is manufactured with the thrilling aspect of merging the powerful technology with S Pen and new S Pen apps, which has the incredible capacity to functions like a PC with a larger and thinner bright screen display. Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Note 2 to cater to the rapid advancements in technology as well as cater to consumer needs with a device as mentioned with excellent versatility to create, merge and share information at a much more rapid speed than earlier. note_2323527b Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Telecommunications America stated, ‘’The original Galaxy Note was the tool to showcase a new theorem of smartphones by blending the best of a smartphone with supreme performance of a tablet. In less than a year, Samsung managed huge profits of selling 10 million globally that demonstrate the supreme power of the device. The launch of the new Galaxy Note II has created a new era in mobile industry.’’ Galaxy Note II is the first model built with ExynosTM 1.6 GHz quad-core processor built for LTE networks. The phone is equipped with 2GB of internal RAM with 16 GB of storage capacity and 64GB additional memory with microSD card. These devices have the marvellous ability to function with effective multitasking, speeds fast screen transitions, credible browser performance along with speedy load time. samsung galaxy note 2 For an interesting piece of information, the Galaxy Note II is the first smartphone to be tailored with AndroidTM 4.1 Jelly Bean that has the power to deliver remarkable graphical display and quality and an high-tech Google Now service which includes pioneering features like contextual search. The phone is inserted with the rapid technology flow of SAFE-designated devices that has additional security features to protect sensitive data and communications. The Galaxy Note II is tailored with a 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLEDTM touchscreen with 16:9 aspect ratio which delivers effective HD video viewing, with powerful battery durability of 3,100 mAh which is 24% more effective than its predecessor. Although the device is designed to offer enhanced durability, the device is less weightier than the original which contributes to narrower bezel on four sides, with larger screen display. The device might be narrow on the borders, but the large screen display offers admirable handling and usage experience. The Galaxy Note II is rolled out in classy and neutral shades of Marble White, and Titanium Gray. samsung galaxy note 2 side The main admirable feature of the Galxy Note II is the ability to perform functions with S PenTM which has been designed to offer quality fun and natural writing and drawing experience. The new S Pen has the incredible ability to sense 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity which is four times higher than the original S Pen. The new S Pen is something to admire, when the new S Pen is removed from the Galaxy Note II, the screen automatically displays the S Pen menu on a new home screen that allows the user to use S-Pen applications through a touch screen. Moreover when the users forget to place the S Pen back into the device, a visible and loud alarm appears. The S Pen is equipped with features with classic abilities beyond description, the S Pen has the ability to blend handwriting with any digital content on screen, like adding new calendar details on that particular day of the week, and the user can add handwriting notes as well through email or texting. samsung galaxy note 2 front Using the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is almost like operating on a mini computer, where the S Pen can guise the form of a ‘’click-mouse.’’ When the user presses the S Pen’s side button, the S Pen can signal that the user wants to edit the contents on screen, the user can also draws lines to demarcate the required content to be edited by highlighting or copying into other application. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has stunning applications such as: Easy Clip which enables users to highlight, and crop content on screen in any form to save, share or paste. When the content is cropped, the users can edit the cropped content by colouring, sharing or your own handwriting. Air view provides users with the amazing feature where you can position the S Pen over an email, calendar, image gallery or video, to view the content without having to linger for screen transitions. This attribute enables users to follow up web site content without the task of opening full site. This feature also provides titles for even unrecognisable data in many interesting applications. Quick Command, this feature functions brilliantly by activating most used applications. There is a command that emerges with just one upward swipe on the screen and when you press down the S Pen button. This application enables users to send an email, call or search a particular location with pre-installed S Pen marks on the command pad. samsung galaxy note 2 screen Idea Sketch feature provides users with the amazing ability to effectively add illustrations by writing keywords on the S note, typically in the same manner as the pen and with the same handwriting. This feature enables users to express, store and envisage data in a creative and powerful fashion. Users can even chalk down their own application. There are photo notes that allow users to gather a pen and paper experience on the rear of digital photos. Samsung Galaxy Note II is many levels high in terms of multitasking by enabling consumers to load many window apps on one screen which also includes high definition video. The phone has another technology that would startle consumers with the A-GPS and GLONASS technology along with entertaining features of music player, video player and FM radio. There are also the regular apps such as Twitter to connect with friends and families. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an exemplary device that offers a different atmosphere even from the regular touch screen phones. The S Pen is the dominant feature that has transformed the phone into the guise of a mini computer. The phone has many remarkable functions of versatility, durability and storage and regular Microsoft type functions of cropping, highlighting, and copying and so on. The Galaxy Note 2 is priced at Rs. 35,500 which is rather steep but offers life-long beneficial features.

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