Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 soon to get Jelly Bean upgrade in India

Samsung affirms today in Germany of rolling out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade for its Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet device. Why not Android 4.2, the updated Jelly Bean? Well, it is believed by many that the mobile giant would also soon be releasing this for the Galaxy Note 10.1. samsung galaxy note 10.1 This latest upgrade of the OS in Samsung Galaxy 10.1 will fetch improvised S-Pen functionality, which is considered to be equivalent to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. From the point of performance the multitasking ability of the Note 10.1 has been over hauled. The Android 4.1 has made the system faster than what it was on the Ice Cream Sandwich i.e. Android 4.0. The updates caters new fonts and new quick command feature. The Galaxy Note 10.1 also comes with an all new Paper Artist App The new Jelly Bean upgrade brings a better and responsive user interface (UI). Apart from that, there will be a brand new notification bar, two home screens and a recognized setting menu. At present the upgrade is made available only in Germany. It will make its entry into India very soon. So keep your fingers crossed. If you receive any notification for Jelly Bean upgrade then do share your views and experience with it in the below comment segment.

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