Samsung Galaxy Nexus is Back on Sale in the US

We had reported to you last week that the Sale of Galaxy Nexus was banned in the US after Apple filed a petition with a US court. Now the electronics major Samsung has convinced a US court to lift provisionally a sales prohibition on its Galaxy Nexus smartphones. The restriction came into force during the past week after Apple bagged a preliminary ruling that the Samsung had conflicted one of its search patents. samsung-galaxy-nexus-us-ban-lifted The appeals court did not clarify the cause for the change of mind. Now, the US tech giant has until Thursday to answer. The case has implications for other Android-catered devices and may force Google to place a limit on a few tasks. Florian Mueller, a copyright advisor who is accompanying the case, stated that if Apple managed to get the ban restored it could be months before Korean company got another option to knock over it. Mueller also said that the case was not due to come to full trial until March 2014. The disputed copyright was lodged by Apple in the year 2004. It comprises the utilization of a single search interface to recover and exhibit selective data accumulated from a variety of systems utilizing several techniques. Mr. Mueller stated, “Samsung can now sell its Nexus phones again, but may find that the ban is reintroduced within days, effectively killing most of its market potential in the US.” However, the major issue here is that other cellular phone comprising Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S3 – also offer the identical resisted trait and Apple may forcefully impose this copyright in opposition to these devices additionally, relying upon the court’s forthcoming verdict.

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