Samsung Galaxy 2 7.0

Samsung isn’t doing well against competitors in the 7 inch tablet segment, it is clearly outdone by the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire tablet. The Samsung Galaxy 2 has been out for over nine months now, and just as the hype around Samsung made 7 inches are dying down Samsung has decided to revive the craze by splashing the Galaxy 2 with a tone of deep lush red. samsGALAXYtab2_7_ The Samsung Galaxy 2 7.0 is set to roll out this deep, dark, sophisticated red before  Valentine’s Day. Also, if you’re a Mancunian fan, for this purpose too. Fancy one? The new  Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 in the red tone will be a limited edition by Samsung. Samsung is calling the color  “garnet red.” Along with the new tablet, comes a case in the exact same color, which you’ll find out of the box and cost free. It’ll be nice to merge this tablet with some contrast colored accessories. Ideas can run wild for this edition of the Samsung 2 7.0 around Valentine’s day, like getting a personalized engraved message on the tablet, among other options. This 7-inch tablet has within its premium build, a dual-core CPU and will come with the  Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.3 installed. It will also feature a built-in microSD slot, Bluetooth 3.0, integrated IR for home theater control, and a USB 2.0 port. The Samsung Galaxy S3 already displayed a similar kind of red, however the 2 7.0 red is going to be more rich and on the red brick side, and will take in sunlight to appear lighter during the day. The Samsung Galaxy 2 7.0 tablet will however also be made available in black or white in a 4G LTE version with the Verizon and a Wi-Fi only model. There’s no word of this limited edition tablet crossing over to the Asian market though.

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