Samsung Galaxy 10.1 available for pre-order booking in India

Galaxy-tab-10.1Samsung India has finally started its pre-order booking in India for Samsung Galaxy 10.1 more popularly known as Note 8000. The pre-order booking is on the same ground as was with Samsung Galaxy S III. In order to book Samsung Galaxy 10.1, you will have to pay an initial amount of Rs 2000. In return of that, you will receive a book cover of the device and an official email will be dispatched to you at the release date of this device. As of now, the orders are being taken on the first come, first serve basis. Once you have invested the amount, you can’t claim it back. This booking can only be availed on the sale of Samsung Galaxy 10.1. There are lots of speculations about the release price of Samsung Galaxy 10.1. It may lie in the range between 38,000 to 40,000 INR. Samsung Galaxy 10.1 comes with 1.4 GHz quad core processor, 10.1 inch display with excellent resolution, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPS and many other stuffs. It’s 7000 mAh battery backup is also of high standard and you will love to hang on with it. You will enjoy its 5 MP rear camera as well. Samsung Galaxy 10.1 will offer you a large array of apps and games. You can order the mobile from the official e-store. The exact date of release of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is yet to be disclosed. But since it’s pre order booking has started, you will soon see it on the cart on its official site.
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