Samsung flaunts Exynos Quad-core Mobile Chips

Samsung announced the upgraded version of its Exynos processor with four application cores ahead of MWC 2012. Samsung unveiled the first set of samples at the ISSCC (International Solid-State Circuit Conference) event held between February 20- 24th, 2012. The new Exynos dual and Quad-core processor chips use a 32nm (nano meter) technology instead of 45nm. Therefore it will have 26 percent faster or higher performance and promises an improved battery life by 35 to 50 percent. Among the various processor chips introduced, one such chip still uses the quad ARM Cortex-A9 technology and all these processor chips will be showcased during Mobile World Congress 2012. Samsung-ExynosM Getting deeper into the technical stuff. The Samsung Exynos 4412 chip will have four ARM Mali graphic cores, each core can handle tasks individually. Also these can be shutdown independently to minimize the energy used and depending upon the task it is handling. This model can run from 200Mhz to 1.5Ghz and will have a 64-bit neon media engine and dual-channel memory controller. Samsung Exynos 4412 is a perfect answer to NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor. Apparently this chip is a perfect match to high-end tablets, smartphones with an integrated projector and  a 1080p 3D display. Similarly, Samsung has an answer to Texas Instrument’s own OMAP 5 with the Exynos 5250. This chip comes 32nm process architecture and can handle dual ARM cortex-A15 cores. via [Slashgear]

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