Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro-Laptop with Stunning Hybrid features

Hybrid laptops have become a recent trend, to meet the rapid advancements in technology, it is imperative to develop multi-faceted laptops with superior storage capacities. Samsung is probably on the knowhow of these advancements, pretty evident from its leap into the hybrid world with the ATIV Smart series with two models of the ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T and Smart PC 500T 1C. The two hybrids offer stiff competition with the Sony Vaio Duo 11 and Dell XPS 12. Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro-Laptop With Stunning Hybrid The Samsung ATIV Smart Pro has a string of impressive features to offer for those who desire to make a purchase. Samsung has ventured into the removable design method for the ATIV series, similarly observed in the HP Envy X2. The ranges of dual qualities offered are a keyboard and a touchpad along with two USB ports on either side. The Samsung ATIV Smart PC is mainly decked in the tablet form which can be converted to a laptop, which is an amazing feature where one can choose the option of tablet or laptop in one system. People would get the impression that hybrid systems are heavy, but it is actually the opposite in the case of ATIV Smart Pro, the system weighs 1.6 kg. This laptop is designed to offer decent build contributed by the metal at the rear that binds the tablet. Furthermore into the make and features; the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro adopts the Ultrabook chassis. The main hardware processes are the 1.7GHz Core i5-3317U processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD. The stunning hybrid is built with a fairly decent display of 11.6-inch HD. In terms of the actual make up of the system, there is the usual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with buttons and ports fitted on top. Further browse through the fitments, the top panel is inserted with a headphone/mic combo jack, power button, screen orientation button and USB 3.0 port with a neat plastic. When you peak to the right, there is microSD card counter and towards the left of the micro HDMI port and volume rocker which is compressed in an 11.89mm shell. The digitiser is one of the essential traits in a laptop which is a significant attribute of the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro. The other interesting and unique aspect is the S Pen fitted on the rear. The S Pen is featured with the remarkable ability to edit photos and select texts or important objects. The Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro has admirable characteristics of a dynamic hybrid, the most unique and inventive is the S Pen rarely observed in laptops. The only drawback could be the structural metal which does not appeal to the taste of many. The system has a monotonous paint which delivers the image of a basic model than a hybrid. The other weakness is when the system transforms to the tablet mode which tends to shake while using the touch screen which might even swing if you don’t get a firm grip. Barring the negative traits of the boring plastic metal and bendable tablet mode, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro has other features of a powerful laptop, with outstanding storage capacity, decent display resolution and excellent versatility in the laptop and tablet form.

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