Samsung and Google teamed up for unpacked event on 11th October

Samsung Mobile and Google planned for an unpacked event on 11th October 2011 at San Diego. The event pulls out the covers on the latest devices and much awaited Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich. samsung-unpacked-google-2011 After the Google Motorola deal, there were many aspirations encountered as the next Android OS will be tested on Motorola device. However, this announcement disappoints the crowd. Samsung announcement commenting Google Episode certainly suggests the Android launch and may be the launch of highly speculated Nexus Prime. Adding to that, the Live stream is planned on Android channel at Youtube which clarifies the event as such on Android OS. At par, Google is co-branding Samsung at a greater extent. Quiet possibly, the combination resulted in many successful sales records. We can now firmly say that, Google Nexus Prime will be from Samsung and will be a successful model. So, let’s wait for more interesting facts within the launch.

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