Rumor: Aakash 3 coming

Rumours suggest that the Aakash 3, the third Tablet in the low cost Tablet series manufactured in India will soon be available. The third version has incorporated various changes and newer features compared to its predecessors. datawind-aakash-2-tablet-tablet-large-1 The government of India had distributed Aakash Tablets to over 250 colleges in India and has asked for their feedback in improving the device.  Indian Institute Of Technology is expected to provide the finishing touch and complete the final phase of testing of this Tablet along with Datawind. It is also expected to come with voice calling feature. The Tablet will offer enhanced features and a wide range of apps in an affordable price. The tender for manufacturing this Tablet is expected to be rolled out in February. Since the expected number of Tablets is more than 50 lakhs therefore it is expected that the product will be provided by multiple vendors. The Tablet will be primarily for students and professionals and will offer quicker and efficient completion of their projects with its advanced features. Aakash 1 and Aakash 2 had not been able to penetrate deeper into the market and therefore Datawind is also working upon increasing its network centres across India so that it can offer quick and faster distribution and servicing to the Tablet users. The first version of Aakash was priced at Rs 2263 whereas the third version is expected to be available at a price of Rs 1130 for students. The Tablet will be running on Linux as well as Android OS.

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