Rovio to launch Angry Birds Go racing game for mobile platforms on December 11

The Finnish game maker, Rovio has finally confirmed that it will be launching the Angry Birds Go, downhill racing game on multiple mobile platforms on December 11. Company originally teased the game back in June this year and it does not requires the catapulting skills which you were required in the previous Angry Birds games.

In this game you will be racing with different Angry Birds characters instead of killing the ugly pigs. This downhill kart-racing game will be released on various platforms including Android from the mentioned date and the developer has also released a game play trailer of the game which you can check in the bottom of the post. “The game will be built from the ground up as a free-to-play title, with a whole host of modes and features included from the get-go. In Angry Birds Go, you can feel the rush as you fling down the track and go head-to-head in a fast and furious race to the finish line,” Rovio stated in official post. Rovio’s upcoming kart-racer will be a free to download and play game and we expect it to follow the same model as the previous Angry Birds games. It will also comes with the support for Hasbro’s Telepods just like the Angry Birds Star Wars II, which arrived in the app stores just a few days back. Angry Birds Go will be the first game from the Finnish game maker with the racing based game play. Angry Birds fans will be able to take a break from the bird-flinging game play.
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