Rovio takes Angry Birds to Mars with 20 New red planet levels

Angry Birds is highly popular game among iOS and Android device users. Now Rovio takes Angry Birds to mars and added 20 more levels in the game. Angry birds space is updated with 20 new levels on the red planet. The storyline of these levels is pretty good. Space pigs have hijacked Curiosity Mars Rover robot and now it’s up to Angry birds to get in the action again. Rovio teamed up with NASA to produce the most epic episode of Angry birds space yet. Angry Birds Space fans have another chance to be happy because of 20 new levels in the game.

Angry Birds on Mars This update is totally free for iOS and Android users as the part of the game. Rovio also introduced new bonus levels in the game, but if you want to play them then you will have to find three of the hidden rovers in the game. These new levels are based on the fight between Space Pigs and Angry birds. Pigs have hijacked Mars Rover robot by NASA and now they are searching for Eggs on mars instead of searching life. Now its on Angry Birds and you to save the day. These new levels of Angry Birds Space are having the same game play but with lots of enhancements. You can actually dodge volcanoes and the fired asteroids in the game. Rovio not only added 20 new levels in the game, it has also added 2 antenna egg levels as a treat for iOS and Android users. This update of Angry birds space will be soon available to other operating system platforms from Rovio. So! Are you ready to play the new Angry Birds Space levels on mars?

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