Rovio ready to roll out ‘Amazing Alex’ for iOS and Android

Amazing-Alex-banner After the record hitting triumph of ‘Angry Birds’, Rovio is all set to roll out a novel game to accompany its madly popular Angry Birds franchise. During a discussion session today with Finland’s YLE breakfast TV show, Mr. Mikael Hed, company’s CEO stated that Rovio will be rolling out ‘Amazing Alex’ for iOS and Android by the next two month period. The novel game will boast an educational constituent as buffs control a youngster named Alex who loves constructing things. The well known gaming firm got hold of intellectual property rights of iOS game – Casey’s Contraptions. Rebranded as ‘Amazing Alex’, the new game will yet again hit the physics based puzzler genus but will feature an instructive aspect in it. When users surf to the Casey’s Contraption Web site at the moment, they will locate a single effigy stating Amazing Alex is coming shortly. A page of the famous social networking site, Facebook, states the same. When Amazing Alex hits the market, it will contain extremely big shoes to fill up. Yesterday, the gaming firm declared that its Angry Birds games hit 1 billion downloads. All of that achievement, besides assistance from sales of Angry Birds products and promotion, helped the company produce more than $106.3 million in proceeds and a $67.6 million income in 2011. It would be exciting to witness more such didactic games with Indian decent to be formulated in the Indian market.
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