Rovio Announces Angry Birds Mine and Dine

Today, we are carrying some good news to the Angry Birds lovers. Rovio announced the next season of Angry Birds today on Facebook. They named this as Angry Birds Mine and Dine . Yes, you guessed it right, this is something which takes place in the underground. The announcement goes just like this “We have another brand new episode coming up for Angry Birds! Take the fight for the eggs to dark underground caverns and use the geology to your advantage to root out the peskiest of piggies! Soon available in appstores everywhere!” angrybirds_big Angry Birds Mine and Dine is a the sixth episode of Rovio’s flagship series. We expect as this episode will give more fun filled entertainment along with good puzzles to solve and more pigs to crush. The story boarding was tactically framed by the developers that the users will never lose the fizz of the game. Angry Birds players claim that the excitement was never lost though the game has one prime objective, just to kill the pigs. It was also true that people who played one episode is interested in playing the sequels. Surprisingly, Rovio submitted this episode to Apple. So it’s definitely going to be a big hit in the market soon. So, let us wait for a few days to hands-on this game. Till then, watch this video and enjoy.

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