Rockstar reveals Grand Theft Auto V screenshots

Grand Theft Auto just got the Screenshots of its latest Game “GTA 5” ,revealed by the developer Rockstar Games before the Christmas Eve to remind the people that its release date is just a few months away.

GTA 5 will have an option to play as three different characters: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. One can switch between the characters anytime. The new game series is set in Los Santos.

The different official shots revealed by Rockstar includes a shark swimming next to an anonymous human which shows that new series will take the player to watery depths as well as close to the nature. GTA continues with the use of a huge array of vehicles in its coming series GTA 5 as it has been showing Jumbo Jets and Submarines too in in its Screeshots.

With the GTA 5 release date set for Spring 2013, gamers can look forward to more trailers and make themselves prepared for a heart throbbing gaming experience.







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