RIMs Vision, Blackberry Playbook and QNX

Blackberry co-CEO Mike Lazaridis appeared as a guest in the Dive into Mobile show and he spoke about various things including playbook, launch date and RIM’s vision. blackberry_dive_into_mobile The entire conversation was pretty intense as Mike was grilled on various things including the ‘slow death’ being experienced by Blackberry brand. Mike emphasized the steps that RIM is pursuing now to build the next-generation platform targetted towards multi-core processing platforms. But the answers put forth by Mike was not quite clear and lucid. This left even some of the audiences confused. On one hand Blackberry is pushing for playbook tablets powered by QNX operating system and multi-core processors. On the other hand, the smartphones from Blackberry look so outdated with not-so-spectacular specs and OS. This was perceived as a dichotomy. If Blackberry is placing so much weight on the future tablets, what would happen to the present smartphones..? Quite naturally, the blackberry fans are left confused..should they wait for better phones to appear in future? To me, it looks like Blackberry is trying to leapfrog to the future without willing to transition smoothly. Suddenly the future Blackberry is projected as more attractive and promising…! Dicey strategy according to me to handle the existing customers. Mike managed to divert the above discussion and bring back the attention to the Playbook. He briefly demoed the playbook . Playbook is powered by QNX operating system and most of the apps on playbook appears to be run through Adobe Air and Flash. The device was very responsive when demoed. Playbook has some pretty powerful specs including 1GHz dual core processor, 1GB RAM, Dual HD Cameras [front camera with 3MP and rear with 5MP camera], supports HD Video recording [1080p], supports flash, html5, javascript and air. Mike believes that 7 inch is the perfect size for tablets, though he did not rule out the possibility of bigger screen sizes appearing in the future. He also mentioned that playbook can be expected in the market in 2011 Q1. That’s very near. Finally he said that the QNX-powered multi-core smartphones will appear soon in the radar from Blackberry! It’s commendable what Blackberry is trying to do to overcome the existing competition and decling market share. They are trying to bet on their own OS and not trying to churn out commodity-grade tablets on the lines of Galaxy Tab [Galaxy Tab though is one of the best in the market, you will soon come to realize that they are commodities]. Also they have invested in some good user interface company too. But it is very important for blackberry to allow cross-platform apps to be able to run on QNX. Otherwise it’s going to be a super-stressful battle! http://mediamemo.allthingsd.com/20101207/rim-co-ceo-mike-lazaridis-live-at-dive-into-mobile/ http://www.qnx.com/ http://us.blackberry.com/playbook-tablet/

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