RIM’s Solution For Spying On Blackberry Users aren’t good enough – Indian Government

The struggle between RIM and Indian government surveillance has taken a new turn. A week back RIM announced that they will soon come to a feasible solution soon but government seems to be unhappy with the solutions provided. B;ackberry_security “We have manual access to the messenger service. We want automated access and we are hopeful of getting it from January 1,” said Mr. G.K. Pillai, India’s home secretary. A relief for Blackberry users seems to come out from the above statement that at least the services won’t be banned till January 1 and by then probably RIM will be able to satisfy the government. Some financial pundits are criticizing this approach of Indian government as it may make Indian economy unattractive for other digital giants. Specially services related to Data storage etc will not be able to protect their data from spying. We understand their may be some financial implications but these critics should understand that nation’s security is above all.

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