RIM’s BlackBerry London BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Gets Leaked

Today, we’re surprised to post news about RIM (Research In Motion) BlackBerry 10 Smartphone called BlackBerry London. This surprise is just because RIM is continuing to fight in smartphone business even after posting heavy losses every quarter. Secondly, the company took the business seriously and has come up with an attracting smartphone. If you could remember, this is a couple of months back we got a chance to see the leaked image of BlackBerry London smartphone. Of-course, we can now call this as BlackBerry Superphone, rather a Smartphone. For the first time in RIM history, things are completely changed. The device isn’t in the same condition we saw a few months back. RIM completely transformed the design structure for the device and possibly it delivers a new interface that we wouldn’t have experienced before with any of BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry-10-Smartphone-London BlackBerry London is an ultra-slim device appears like a hot Android or iOS device that are available in market now. There is no classic key-board and trackpad that BlackBerry devices are meant for. This is a complete touchscreen device from RIM and it looks nothing like its touchscreen-only smartphones. Assuming if the things go well, RIM will be on track within an year. If luck doesn’t help London fate, it will be a total disaster for the team. Interestingly, RIM claims that they have a whole team of Superheros. The marketing department at RIM created The Bold Team, to win the hearts of consumers. Here’s the infographic for The Bold Team !!! the-bold-team-infographicvia [Crackberry]

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