RIM to launch BlackBerry phone without physical keyboard

It’s time for BlackBerry to go virtual, literally. RIM or the Research in Motion has launched this new operating system which would now allow BlackBerry to become a ‘smart phone’. This means that for the first time BlackBerry is launching a phone without a physical keyboard and having a touch screen device. Named as BlackBerry 10, the phone will hit the market this year. But what RIM promises is far more interesting – that they would launch the BlackBerry 10 software on devices with physical keyboards as well. But when that is likely to happen has been kept under wraps. The virtual keyboard will have features like predictive text technology that would be able to predict and learn a user’s typing patterns. Some leading smart phones like Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android software too lack physical keyboards. These are known to be the most user friendly and most popular ones. But RIM has not yet been able to make the cut when it comes to touch screen smart phones. In fact, most of their attempts have been flops when it comes to touch-only phones. BlackBerry is most popular among corporate honchos because of one main reason – the keypad. The BlackBerry keypad is literally easy and convenient to operate and the reason why many corporate still use it. The perception behind this is the fact that in BlackBerry you get to type your emails easily and faster. The launch of BlackBerry 10 has been getting delayed for quite some time now. And the plans to delay the launch much further may cost the organization as iPhone is launching their new product keeping in mind the corporate honchos. Thus BlackBerry with further delay with their product launch may lose valuable customers as they may not willing to wait till the launch and may buy their competitors product.

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