RIM to build HTML5 compatible BlackBerry 10 web browser

Rim introduced the new BlackBerry 10 OS recently with some completely new features. Fresh batch of features contain the redesigned mobile web browser in the BlackBerry 10 OS to meet the new HTML5 standards. A new blog post at BlackBerry Developer Blog confirms that BlackBerry 10 cleared one of the toughest HTML5 Test Suite – Ringmark, excellently. rim Only one out of several new generation mobile browsers comes out successful in the test. HTML5 Tests are prepared to determine the compatibility with the standards. Ringmark is a popular HTML5 standard compatibility in the web browser. It is phased across three segments- r0, 01 and r2. Each phase has its own specific elements benchmark designed to be tested with the web browser. The BlackBerry 10 browser successfully passed the Ringmark Ring 1 benchmark standard. After successfully getting through the second standard test, the creators will be able to create HTML5 based advanced web apps such as the 2D games music, the video apps and even camera apps. Work is in progress and the device is not ready for the open market. After the completion of Ringmark Ring 1 RIM is ready to build one of the best HTML5 standards that is ready for mobile web browser. Need to wait for sometime how much successful suffering RIM comes out in luring the lost customers, or rather to say lure the pro-Apple, pro-Samsung and pro-HTC customers. Do share your own views in the below given comment box.

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