RIM stops BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB production

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has now stopped the production of its 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook. The company is now mainly focused on the PlayBook 32GB and 64GB models in the tablet space. However, the 32GB PlayBook tablet is not out of the market immediately. Many retail stores here in India still got good amount of stocks of the tablet to sell off. So? pb So, it’s time to hurry up if you didn’t buy the 32GB PlayBook tablet of RIM though you thought of getting one such tablet from big brand and at a best price. Head towards one of your nearest retailers and get the bargain deal on vanishing stocks of PlayBook. RIM said that the higher capacity of PlayBook offer higher value to its customers. Well, totally this reason has not been claimed by the company for shutting down the production of 16GB PlayBook. In fact, it is assumed, RIM wants to grab higher profit margin from each sale of PlayBook and this is the reason of the confident step of the company in closing the production of 16GB PlayBook. Amid such troubles, RIM still kept on chubbing the PlayBooks along. The PlayBook OS 2.1 update is to happen soon and it announced a 4G PlayBook to be launching this year itself. BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB WiFi is priced around Rs 12,000 in the Indian market.

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