RIM launches Mobile Fusion software for Apple users

Research In Motion (RIM) launched yesterday software that can accommodate the Apple and other OS users. It launched a software that can enable large enterprise customers who can manage their devices via the same servers used for Playbook tablet and BlackBerry smartphone. research-in-motion Last year in November RIM announced first time this Mobile Fusion software as an aftermath of growing preferences of smartphone users for accessing professional communications on their respective devices such as Apple’s iPad or iPhone, or Google Android’s devices. In recent years the BlackBerry market has been squeezed, which once dominated the enterprise market. Unable to re-capture the market, RIM now aims of generating fresh revenue with the Mobile Fusion software launch. The Mobile Fusion software will cost $99 for individual user to license. It is to be $4 per user a month. RIM is also open for offering discounts on bulk orders. Another announcement yesterday by RIM says its PlayBook tablet now boasts 15,000 apps. Well, compared to apps on iPad this is just a tiny fraction. In recent times dearth of apps and content are biggest complaints about BlackBerry and other products of RIM. According to recent survey by IDC and Appcelerator, not more than 16 percent developers were interested in developing apps for RIM’s products. For Apple about 90 percent developers, and for Android about 80 percent developers creates app with interest. RIM got over 70,000 apps on the App World store for PlayBook and BlackBerry devices where as there are about 200,000 apps for iPad and half a million for iPhone on the store.

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