RIM has plans to licence out BlackBerry 10 software

Sources from Frankfurt informed that the battling to survive Research in Motion will implore into the market, to figure out the players it can make alliances with. Research in Motion is looking at other technology oriented Companies to conduct joint ventures with equitable division of responsibility and stake. After the launch of the new BlackBerry 10 models Research in Motion is all set to focus on this strategy says its Chief Executive to a a German newspaper. Blackberry 10 To what extent Research in Motion will license out their software and involve itself in alliances with other technology companies was not specified figuratively. CEO Thorsten Heins of German roots informed the Daily Die Welt , during an interview published on Monday that this plan is to bring home profits from sale in the Company’s hardware production or a boost in the sale of licenses to its software, and other moves that may prove to be fruitful. He emphasized, “The main thing for us now is to successfully introduce Blackberry 10. Then we’ll see,” Heins concluded. The Research in Motion Group is hopeful of its range of Blackberry 10 which is entirely of new engineering, and is a refreshing change from the proselyte Blackberry scheme of things. Since its a touch-screen and keyboard device it is sure to recreate its market share as it recently proudly enjoyed, and arm wrangle some of its competitors out of the game. BlackBerry loyalists are excitedly awaiting the new BlackBerry 10 series and this is a nice alternative to viscous competition from the Apple iPhone and other smartphones and devices which are powered by Google’s universally acclaimed and forerunner; the Android Operating System.

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