RIM Facility Center Helps Surveillance Efforts in India

Quite often, we were noticing the high drama between the Canada based RIM (Research In Motion) and Indian Government. Also, it is evident that the company is responsible to come up with a solution for continuing the BlackBerry Services in India. Now, RIM has come up with a possible solution for this problem encountered with Indian Government. RIM is ready to set-up a small facility unit in Mumbai to help the Indian Government carryout lawful surveillance of its BlackBerry Services. Blackberry-India Last year, RIM was threatened to shut down its BlackBerry Encrypted services including email, Instant messaging services for not able to wiretap them. Later there were some series of discussions happened with Government of India and the company has passed several deal-lines. Now, RIM has come up to make some customized solutions and solve this issue temporarily. RIM facility at Mumbai will carry surveillance activities and handle to concern Government officials. All this happens like, when India submits the name of a suspect its investigators want to wiretap, RIM will return decoded messages for that individual, as long as it is satisfied the request has legal authorization. This includes the BlackBerry Messenger Chat Service. However, India has no method to intercept and decode BlackBerry Enterprise Email. This requires high decoding knowledge and the service is exclusively used by corporate customers. All the features have a higher level of encryption than consumer email and instant messaging. Even, RIM doesn’t possess any keys to unlock the enterprise email messages. RIM in an official statement confirmed, “We are not operating under any deadlines and we believe the government of India is now applying its security policy in a consistent manner to all handset makers and service providers in India, which means that RIM should not be singled out any more than any other provider.”

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