RHA’s SA950i – A visually appealing headphone

RHA is one among innumerable headphone manufacturers in the vast sea of headphone makers that go by the term professional yet cheap. However, it can’t be said that it kept to its claim of professional sound quality with all its products. Let us take a look at the latest offering from RHA, the SA950i headphone. RHA_-_SA950i_432855Design and features The RHA headphones are really visually appealing. They look smart with sleek, simple and intelligent designing. The SA950i’s flaunts glossy ear-cup housings which are held by a thin, metallic wire suspension, the matching black leatherette headband allows easy fit and adjustment. The earcups have soft, black leatherette pads that can easily fits most ear-sizes. Its cloth-braided cable is thing and lightweight, which features a three-button, iOS-compatible microphone. Fit and comfort The SA950i has a light and trendy design, which slightly clamps to provide a comfortable fit. It is comforting to the ears and barely felt on the head. However, those with bigger head sizes may find it little flimsy to adjust. As a whole they are light and easy and can become perfect travelling companion, where you can simply put them on and forget about it. Audio performance With a price tag of a meager $60 the SA950i does an overall good job. It has a powerful mid-bass during most of the electro-rock tracks we used. It produces great effect of low beats that’s better than even a lot of much more expensive headphones. It creates crisp and clear sound and does justice to most of the genres. While it can’t be exactly termed as a premium quality headphone with a bit of inconsistency here and there, but when compared to a lot of other headphones in this price range it really stands out. Conclusion The RHA SA950i’s is a neat package of nice sound, great styling and comfort offered at a small price point of just $60.

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