RHA MA450i earphones A practical and futuristic in design

The RHA headphones and earphones are really styled contemporarily. It simple, practical and very futuristic design is one point why you can find the products from RHA in Apple stores. RHA-MA450i-Review-headphones-front-rear-enclosure While RHA has released both headphones as well as earphones in the market, it does a better job at the earphones as compared against the headphones. Let us take a closer look at the MA450i earphones from the house of RHA Design and features According to the maker the MA450i’s shape is inspired by the design of a trumpet’s bell. The MA450i are produced from a solid piece of aluminum that is coated with a scratch-resistant material, and then equipped with 10mm drivers. Its cable that is about 5 feet long is wrapped in a fabric in order to reduce the tangling problem. The cables can be termed good quality as they are fairly manageable. The letter ‘i’ in its name suggests that the earphone is iOS compatible. The RHA MA450i includes a three-button microphone with easily distinguishable button and offers a solid feel as well as closeness to the mouth. Fit and comfort The RHA MA450i, being in-earphones, offer superior comfort. The earpieces fit into the ear canals nicely and stays put too. For most of the listeners it should not be a problem to wear them for a long time and they can be very good travel companions as well. Audio Performance The RHA MA450i can be easily paired with any audio device from iPhones to MP3s. The real problem of this pair of earphones lies in the fact that it is really harsh to the ears. The high pitches sound absolutely shrill that can hurt your eardrums. However, it can provide nice linear bass response. It can also give a deep and booming effect to the music being played that is a plus point. The midranges as well as reproduction of vocals were also very appreciable. The surround effect is also beautifully delivered. However, the harshness of sound remains a major issue that will make you wince with every drum beat and high orchestral sound. This high frequency issue also might remind you of its so called trumpet inspired design, making you feel that its sound is also based on a trumpet sound. As a whole the RHA MA450i sound good for a sub $50 earphone, it can even surpass a sub $100 earphone’s sound quality and comfort offerings. Conclusion As far as the high frequency issue goes, it can be said that after an extensive use your ears actually seem to evolve to adjust to its otherwise superior sound quality. RHA has really done a good job in making these pair of earphones really sturdy, nicely designed as well as really pocket friendly. The RHA MA450i earphones though with some pitching problem, does compensate on other fields. Given the fact that a lot of earphones available in the market with much pricier tags do not give a good sound quality, styling and comfort all in one single package, the RHA MA450i can really be a worthy buy.

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