Reuters confirm 19-pin dock connector on Apple iPhone 5

Would you be ready to accept the shrinking of iPhone 5 dock connector? Well, a recent report confirms Apple is re-sizing it. In the next iPhone we will come to see 19-pin dock connector instead of the present 30-pin port. iphone-5 The news, earlier much speculated, has been freshly confirmed by Reuters, citing its own sources. The media claims two sources familiar to the matter said the iDevice giant is seeking to slim down the dock port to give more rook for the earphone that has made its movement from top to the bottom of the device. Well, we can’t deny that today’s dock in iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S is pretty big piece of kit. Let us learn some more reasons behind this 19-pin dock connector: It will also feature a magnetic connector just like that of MagSafe connector we see on MacBook systems. The new port is believed to be more water resistant. It will be chipped in a way that unlicensed peripherals won’t work with it. However, there are some cons too with this new dock connector. Your car kit of 30-pin connector will go obsolete. May be, and also hope strongly for it, that Apple supply an adapter with the purchase of iPhone 5 that helps in such situations.

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