Reporting of spam texts and calls is possible now with just an app

sms_spam_thumb The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) came out with extensive spam regulation initiatives like the National Do Not Call Registry (DND), not too long ago to respond to persistent complaints from telecom subscribers. The policies were properly implemented and gave much-needed relief to agitated subscribers. However, their relief was short-lived. Spammers managed to devise several alternative methods to continue their activities and pester subscribers with unsolicited calls and messages. But all hope is not lost. Now you can report spamming numbers using SMSSpam, an Android app. SMSSpam is an app that enables the user to put an end to spam calls and messages. Apps like smsblocker only block messages from spammers. However, this app also reports the spam message and number to your service provider by forwarding it to 1909 (toll-free), which makes the app incredibly useful and gives the user more control to fight spammers. Not only this, the app also has another remarkable feature. SMSSpam has social functionality, in that it can be easily integrated with the user’s Facebook account. This useful feature can be used to spread the spamming number among friend circles so that the app can be made more effective on an extensive basis. SMSSpam is one of those apps that deliver on all fronts. It works and functions as promised. And Users can now answer their calls without having to hang up the moment they hear the recorded voice/music on the other end of the line.
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