Reliance launches CDMA 1X and EVDO Data Plans for Prepaid Mobile Users

Reliance Communications has introduced special mobile internet to provide mobile internet to their CDMA prepaid subscribers. These packs called the ‘Mobile Net’ packs can be used on EVDO based smart-phones that have high speeds and also on CDMA 1X enabled phones. But it will depend on the compatibility of the users mobile.

The Reliance’s new CDMA prepaid mobilenet plans are as under

  • MobileNet2o- offers 25MB free quota for Rs. 20, valid for 1 day.
  • MobileNet49- offers 100MB free quota for Rs. 49, valid for 30days.
  • MobileNet99- offers 250MB free quota for Rs. 99, valid for 30 days.
  • MobileNet199- offers 500 Mb free quota for Rs. 199, valid for 30 days.

If you use the internet above the free limit then the browsing rates would be 1p/20kb for MobileNet199. For the rest of the plans browsing rates above the free limit would be 1p/10kb. Also there is no auto renewal for these plans and your handset profile should be 1x & HSD to make them compatible for usage of these plans.

Easy browsing would be provided on the users phone through these plans. There are economical charges for using internet above the free limits. Reliance will find many takers for these plans. Earlier they had introduced similar plans for postpaid users that had become popular.

Reliance was the first communications company that made affordable CDMA phones that reached millions of homes in India irrespective of their financial status. Such is the power of Reliance in india.

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