Reliance GSM Launches a Unlimited On-Net Calling Packs

Reliance Communications delights the customers of Reliance GSM network with a Special Tariff Voucher (STV). The Special Tariff Vouchers of value Rs.195 and Rs.295 were announced for prepaid subscribers of Mumbai, Delhi Kolkata & West Bengal circles. With this STV one can enjoy free local calling unlimited to Reliance numbers. reliance-hr The Special Tariff Voucher Rs.195 is announced for Reliance GSM prepaid Subscribers in Mumbai, Delhi and some other R-Com circles. This voucher is valid for 30 days and provides Free 195 minutes Local off-net calling (to other network numbers). While STV-295 is available for Kolkata, West Bengal and someother RTL circles providing Free 295 minutes Local off-net calling. Apparently, this voucher is valid for 30 days and all the on-net local calls will be absolutely free.

Price of STV Benefits Validity Circles
Rs. 295 Local R2R Unlimited

295 Mins Bundled Off-Net Talk Time *

30 Days Kolkata, West Bengal ( RTL circles)
Rs. 199 Local R2R Unlimited 30 Days Kolkata, West Bengal (RTL circles)
Rs. 195 Local R2R Unlimited

195 Mins Bundled Off-Net Talk Time *

30 Days Mumbai, Delhi and RCOM GSM circles
Rs. 49 Local R2R Unlimited 7 Days Kolkata, West Bengal (RTL  circle)
These Special Tariff Vouchers are available only through eRecharge. For more details please reach the customer service centers of dial *333 from your Reliance mobile.
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