Reliance Communications offers Enhanced Missed Call alert facility.

Reliance Communications has come up with a new Value Added Service called MCA 2.0 – Whic reads probably as Missed Call Alert 2.0. This new service takes the already existing missed call alerts service to one level higher. Generally, when you call a person and the subscriber cannot be reached, the subscriber will get an alert about the missed call in the form of SMS whenever he comes back online or he is connected to the network again. Now with MCA 2.0, even the caller will get an alert whenever the subscriber is available again. Reliance Communication, Head of VAS- Anil Pande said “Missed Call Alert Service 2.0 with Notify Me is a great convenience for Mobile users. It offers both Caller and Called Party instant notification to connect again, without being bothered with repeatedly attempting to connect” The Missed call notification SMS will as usual contain the detail of the caller including his mobile number and the date and time when the call was made. The caller notification will be a message saying that the subscriber is available to receive calls again. To avail this facility, subscribers have to opt-in by sending an SMS to 51234 with messge “M”. Customers will be charged 15 rupees for 30 days. What’s unclear is whether subscriber who have opted in for Missed Call Alert should pay additional Rs. 15 to avail this facility? It’s good to see Reliance – India’s largest telecom operator and the only operator having presence across GSM, CDMA and 3G is coming up little innovations such as these. But this facility is nothing new as mobile operators across the world has already been offering similar. Case in point is Banglalink – Bangladeshi mobile operator. missed_call_alert_visual Infact Banglalink offers Caller notification as well as out-of-office notification. Out-of-office notification basically alerts the calling party that the called party is not able to receive any call at the moment. The message alert would be something like this “thank you for calling but i am unable to receive any call right now! please call back later.”

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