RCOM Launches 3G Mobile Data Services Portal

Reliance Communications is launching the new mobile data portal, R World, powered by Motricity. This portal developed for the soon-to-be-launched 3G service will deliver end-to-end mobile Internet and data services to 120 million Reliance Mobile subscribers at the click of a button. rcomr Motricity’s mCore Platform and Mobile as a Service (MaaS) delivery enables Reliance to deliver personalized mobile data experiences to its customers throughout India. With Motricity’s offering, Reliance subscribers will have access to the mobile Internet via R World across a wide range of mobile devices, enabling mobile content discovery, mobile commerce, mobile social networking and mobile marketing campaigns and programs. “Reliance is aggressively rolling out 3G services in India and we believe our partnership with Motricity will allow us to deliver a richer, more personalized, mobile Internet experience to our customers. Such innovations will be the cornerstone of Reliance 3G offerings going forward,” said Syed Safawi, CEO, Wireless Business, Reliance Communications. Powered by Motricity, Reliance’s new R World portal will include the following features: Content Aggregation — subscribers now have access to all of the most popular content, email and social networking sites direct from their mobile device through a centralized easy-to-access destination; Single Sign-On — once users personalize their view of R World, they can access all of their content, email (Gmail, Windows Live, Ovi Mail) and social networks (Facebook, Twitter) with one login, eliminating the need to re-enter different passwords and user IDs; News Feeds — RSS functionality allows subscribers to browse through feeds and add them to their home page, ensuring they get the most relevant news, sports and content. R World offers four categories of RSS feeds; news, sports, infotainment and finance; and Social Networking Capabilities — through R World, subscribers can publish status updates across multiple networks, check on the status of their network friends, read and comment on posts, through a single, user-friendly interface.

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