RBH EP1 in-ear headphones – More comfort than most

RBH has developed from a speaker manufacturing company to a big name in home audio system. As the first venture of the company into the headphone market, the EP1 in-ear headphones is the first entrant. RBH_EP1_02 As a high functioning earphone that provides superior noise-isolation, the EP1 will cost you under $150. Let us consider, what comes packed with the EP1. Design and features The RBH EP1 has a really trendy design with a sleek black braided cable, and gunmetal earpiece casing. Its larger round earpieces are meant to help block the ears from outside noise. The EP1 provides superior quality noise isolation with the help of an included set of Comply foam ear tips. This comfortable foam expands and contracts to fit your individual ear canal, and they also do a great job eliminating a lot of noise. The EP1’s extremely comfortable Comply tips are its real highlights and also works in favour of this device’s sound quality as well. Audio performance You can use you iphones or mp3 devices or any other mobile device to pair up with the RBH EP1 and get to listen to great music anywhere without the fear of your music getting totally spoilt by the outside din, thanks to its noise-isolation system.  The EP1 has a great delivery of bass. Its drivers reproduce luxurious and crisp sound when listening to any track. For its sheer small size, it is really amazing to find out how much power this earphones can create. The EP1 provides very good quality of detail and balance, with crisp and clear beats. Conclusion The RBH EP1 is very comfortable as well as functional pair of earphones. Though it is little expensive, if you are keen to spend a little money for style comfort as well as good quality sound then, you can safely buy yourself a pair of these great pair of earphones from the house of RBH.

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