Razer Electra headphones is a good mix of style and performance

Razer is rather an unheard name in the big busy world of headphones. Well, it is good to say at this point it is good to say that the Electra is a striking pair of headphones meant for both your music as well as gaming requirements. razer-electra The Razer Electra can be paired with any mobile devices or laptops, and comes with a mobile-style in-line microphone. Let us take a closer look at these reasonably-priced, game-friendly headphones from the house of Razer. Design and features The Electra has two 40mm drivers with light and powerful neodymium magnets. this amazing headphone is capable of reproducing sound ranging from 20Hz to 16,000Hz. The Electra’s included cables are 4.27 feet in length and sport gold-plated 3.5mm connectors. The headphone’s inline microphone does not include any control buttons and functions solely as a microphone. The Electra’s earcups are cushioned with a soft leatherette material, while underneath it has a covering of a perforated cloth. Fit and comfort Electra doesn’t fall behind any branded headphones when it comes to comfort and fit. The bulk of the headphone is not felt as they are pretty light. However the leatherette tends to get warm over time, though they provide comfort and excellent noise isolation along with a luxurious feel. Though the headband is not very heavily padded, the well balanced clamping forces of the earcups on the ears do not give the opportunity of any discomfort even after lengthy use. Audio performance The Electra is designed for music playback as much as gaming audio, and it offers solid sound quality. The Electra may well compete with a $100 headphones but are very reasonably priced at around just $60. It has a good bass output and a nice midrange output as well. The vocals and instruments are played good accurately along with a crisp and clear sound. However it does have some inconsistent treble troubles. It gives all the detailing and good balance to your played music. All the various genres of music were done justice by these pair of headphones with no such offensive troubles. Though not of a professional quality, the Electra is a pair of headphones that really belts out nice sound with all the required sound effects that are enough for a regular music lover along with good comfort level and some time alone with music with its great noise isolation system. Conclusion Razer’s Electra headphones are a pair of boldly designed pair with vivid green emphasis. It comes with good comfort with its light design and soft padding. It is also very reasonably priced to be afforded by the general crowd. And finally it reproduces amazingly well balanced and smooth sound that can really give a good time listening to your music. While the design is targeted for the young consumers, its music is definitely meant for just about anybody, and by anybody it means any music lover with fairly good ears for great sound. On top of that Electra is also good for the game buffs, thus giving an overall performance.

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