Rapoo E9180P Wireless Touchpad Keyboard review: an all-in-one input solution

“The Keyboard and mice combo offers great looks and utility for almost any device”


Wireless keyboards and mice have been around for quite a while now. And as with most devices, they have also evolved quite a bit. Today, we can buy a conventional keyboard and mice combo or can opt for newer all-in-one solutions (most of them being wireless) that offer the functionality of a keyboard as well as a pointing device such as a trackpad or a trackball. In terms of functionality, the latter offer better utility and the added convenience of being wireless.


The Rapoo E9180P Wireless Touchpad Keyboard is also built around the same idea, and the designers have tried making this device a lot cooler in terms of look and feel when it comes to competition. At 5.6mm, the Rapoo E9198P is one of the slimmest keyboards presently available in the market. The device features a stainless steel back plate that offers great looks while enhancing the sturdiness as well. In essence, the E9180 can easily be compared to a standard notebook keyboard, only here the device features an integrated wireless connectivity option . The keys are made up of hard plastic that have been given a sand-blast finish for increased grip. The keyboard is available in black only, which looks good in contrast with the stainless steel trimmings on the edges, and features an integrated touchpad on the right.


Rapoo makes use of a special laser printing process for imprinting characters and symbols on the keys, and the result is a long-lasting finish that doesn’t fade with use. At the back of the keyboard lies a battery compartment and a radio unit which allows the keyboard to connect to its nano USB receiver.


The company has tried to make the keyboard as slim and sleek as possible, but at the same time the size of the keys and their pitch have been designed for a faster and comfortable typing experience. The keys are about a centimetre in width, which makes sure that even those who have plump digits can type with great ease and faster too. The pitch between the keys is set at 2cm and the keys have travel of about 2-3mm, which is great for a slim keyboard having an overall thickness of about 5.6mm.


The integrated touchpad is also big in size – almost twice the size of a touchpad on a 15-inch notebook, offering the utmost comfort during use. The touchpad supports gestures and multi-finger touch, which works great with a Windows 8 powered computer or notebook. The sensitivity of the touchpad has been balanced well, which allows users to easily maneuver the pointer and offers sure-shot clicks as well. There are no click buttons along with the touchpad, but it has been divided into 3D zones, which means that the lower side of the touchpad doubles up as button and offer similar functionality with a gentle tap on that part.


Including the keyboard, which has a standard 108-key design, and a massive touchpad, the Rapoo E9180P has a overall length of under 14-inches, making it a worthy accessory for those who short on desk real-estate.


In terms of design and comfort, the Rapoo E9180P wireless touchpad keyboard is a hit, but it isn’t without some minor flaws. The arrow keys and the scroll keys are a tad smaller as compared to the other keys, but you could get used to it with time. The keyboard comes with a nano USB receiver which can be easily tucked away inside the battery compartment while transporting the keyboard.


The power source for the Rapoo E9180P Wireless Touchpad Keyboard is a pair of ‘AAA’ batteries that come inside the keyboard, along with a plastic safety tab protecting them from getting drained. Although we could not test the power drain of batteries on this keyboard, we believe it to offer anywhere between nine months to a year before they require a change.


In terms of connectivity, Rapoo E9180P offers USB –only connection through the nano USB receiver that’s compatible with any device supporting USB peripherals. We tested the keyboard with notebook, a desktop PC, the Samsung Galaxy Tab using a USB adapter and even an Android smartphone. The accessory worked flawlessly with all the devices and provided functionality of the touchpad as well, even on the tablet and the smartphone. The device offers seamless connectivity and superfast installation – the device gets installed within a minute of being plugged in, which is great. The Rapoo E9180P Wireless Touchpad Keyboard makes use of the 5GHz radio frequency for connectivity, which translates into better connectivity, and therefore minimal lag or connectivity issues.


The Rapoo E9180P Wireless Touchpad Keyboard is priced at an MRP of Rs 4,600, at which it is marginally expensive than most similar devices available in the market today from brands like, Lenovo, Dell, Logitech and Microsoft to name a few. The advantages offered by this device include a sleek and good -looking design, a comfortable keyboard and touchpad, and seamless connectivity with almost any device. On the other hand, the downside of the deals is the brand itself which is yet to create its name in the market as compared to the biggies. Nonetheless, the company offers a two-year warranty with the devices, which is more than what most brands offer. Ultimately, it’s a product that’s not meant for everyone, but is worth a look for those who seek a device which is stylish and at the same time offers great features and functionality as well.

Price: Rs 4,600 (MRP)

Editor’s rating: 9/10


  • Slim and sleek design
  • Sturdy build
  • Large and well spaced-out keys
  • Integrated touchpad is good


  • Scroll keys are a tad small
  • Pricey
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