Qualcomm Processor Chips Boasts More Flash Capabilities

qualcomm_adobe_logos Qualcomm is the leading developer of advanced wireless technologies. The latest mobile processor Qualcomm 800MHz MSM7x27 is so powerful that, it can enable flash player for the mass market segment of smartphones. Users can now experience the rich multimedia content, dynamic web pages, casual games, applications, videos and other Flash-based content. Qualcomm was able to achieve this by working closely with Adobe. The other Qualcomm’s Snapdragon MSM8x55™ mobile processor is designed to enable seamless and smooth HD quality video for mid-tier and higher end smartphones and tablets. Qualcomm worked seamlessly to deliver the best of breed technologies to experience the rich video content for users. On the other hand this new processors are a lift to the Smartphone makers. It leads them to scale-up their product line based on this stunning chips. qualcomm_snapdragon_logo“Qualcomm and Adobe have developed a lasting relationship driven by both sides’ desire to bring an exceptional Web experience throughout all tiers of smart mobile devices,” said Rob Chandhok, president of Qualcomm Internet Services. “Bringing Flash Player to the mass market segment of smartphones and HD video to higher end smartphones with Qualcomm’s processors will expand the scope of possibilities on a mobile device.” Qualcomm will be demonstrating these new capabilities on June 1-2 at Uplinq 2011, Qualcomm’s global developer conference. via[Qualcomm]
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