Qualcomm announces Quad-core chipset with 2.5GHz processors

No other industry in the world is progressing at the pace of mobile computing. The break-throughs and technologies are evolving at a rapid pace that a super sophisticated handset that you purchased last week would be made irrelevant and obselete the next week…literally! intel-quad-core The Mobile processors and chipsets are right now going through some unbelievable momentum. We see Qualcomm, NVidia and Texas instruments beating each other every week. NVidia announced Tegra 3 – a 1.5GHz quad-core mobile chipset. Texas Instruments announced Quad-core chipset at 2 GHz each. What does Qualcomm do? It announces a quad-core chipset with each processor running at 2.5 GHz each! Wooow…the server we are hosting our websites dont have that much processing power! So, what does all these breakthroughs and announcements hinting to? They are all hinting that mobile computing is the way forward. The concept shown to us by Motorola in the form of webtops is going to be the trend. You can carry around your entire computer in a small device and you can plug this into a shell or virtual terminals or webtop and you have a full-fledge desktop ready… These quad-core processors are increasing the computing power as well as decreasing the demands of battery thereby increasing the battery life. Qualcomm announced about this new chipset in Mobile world congress at Barcelona today. This new processor micro-architecture is codenamed as Krait. This next-generation snapdragon processor will deliver 150% higher overall performance at 65% lower power requirements than the currently available ARM-based CPU cores. The APQ8064 forms the quad-core family of snapdragon. This is powered by 28nm technology. Other features: Near Field communication capabilities Stereoscopic 3D Video and Photo capture Stereoscopic 3D Video and Photo playback 1080p Full High definition compatibility Official Press Release

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